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       Association of Mediterranean Cultural                                             Heritage Research


    Geography is an essential component of human societies and their ecosystem, consisting of the living and non-living elements surrounding them. Understanding the natural and cultural heritage within human geography with scientific methods and perspectives is essential to pass them successfully to the next generations.

Mediterranean Basin, in which Turkey is also located, has been shaped and transformed by many cultures and societies it has hosted since ancient times. The investigation of these processes requires a detailed study of a series of events that have taken place or been still holding over since historic and prehistoric times.

We established our association with the aim of;


·   developing projects that investigate the tangible and intangible cultural heritage elements and remains of human culture in time from the Paleolithic period to the present in the Mediterranean Basin and its surroundings, and carrying out these projects through its members;


·   performing archaeological and anthropological studies, supporting existing geologically, geographically, and biologically-based projects and researchers connected with these studies as well as developing new research in this context;


·   contributing to the development of cultural heritage awareness and carrying out activities within this scope;


·   enhancing cultural cooperation with countries in the Mediterranean basin, especially Turkey, to undertake joint activities with relevant institutions and organizations such as educational institutions, universities, or governmental structures.


    Within the abovementioned scopes, the association aims to develop collaborations between real and legal persons coming together on cultural heritage research, to find mutual solutions to problems related to cultural heritage, to carry out activities in and between regions in the Mediterranean Basin in order to ensure the supporting and development of civil society activities considering the archaeological or anthropological elements as well as their geographical, geological and biological bases, and to develop common platforms with people and organizations working on this subject.

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