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I am a faculty member at Hacettepe University, Department of Anthropology. Since 2001, I have participated in one or more archaeological excavations almost every year in the country and abroad. One of my main areas of interest is the human-nature interaction and biocultural analysis of the effects of the dramatic changes created by the Neolithic lifestyle in human history in the context of human behavioral ecology. At the same time, I carry out studies on the nutritional models, health structure and genetic relations of human communities who lived in the Bronze Age, Iron Age, classical periods and the Middle Ages in Anatolia. Also, mortuary practices and rituals from past to present in terms of social bioarchaeology constitutes my special research area.


I am a faculty member at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. I opened personal exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, and also participated in many group exhibitions. In the context of visual communication design, the field of virtual anthropology is my special interest. More specifically, augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic visuals, 3-dimensional stereoscopic images are among my work topics.

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I graduated from the department of English Translation and Interpreting at Hacettepe University in 2019, and started my master’s degree in the department of Anthropology the same year. My interest topics include population history, biological distance studies, mortuary practices, and bioarchaeology. Besides laboratory studies that I conduct at the university, I participate in archaeological excavations to gain experience. I study on the biological distance of Anatolian populations dating to the Middle Ages for my master’s thesis.


I graduated from Hacettepe University Psychology department in 2021 and am continuing my master’s degree at Hacettepe University Anthropology department. I focus on how the concept of death changed and transformed through the changes through the Neolithic period with the different approaches from psychology and anthropology. Fear of death, mortuary practices and rituals, Terror Management Theory and the evolutionary basis of behaviour are my interest topics. I am still working on my master’s dissertation which is researching mortuary practices in Tepecik-Çiftlik.

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Muhammed DOLMUŞ 
I graduated from the deparment of Archaeology at Hacettepe University in 2011. I also got my master degree from the same department in 2019. I studied on Hassuna Samarra Cultures of Mesopotamian Neolithic in my master thesis. I regularly participated in several archaeological excavations and surveys projects since 2006, which contain different periods such as Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Classical Periods and Medieval Age. Besides the pottery studies, burial practices and digital archive studies are also my speacial research interest.   

Elifgül DOĞAN 

I obtained my B.A in Archaeology and History of Art and my minor in International Relations at Koç University in Istanbul (2016). During my MA studies, I specialised in Heritage Management and Museum Studies with a focus on archaeological human remains collections.  Currently, I am continuing my doctoral research at the University of Cambridge and investigate the political, legal, and professional challenges surrounding human remains collections in Turkey. Besides my academic work, I work as a curatorial and collection management trainee at the Duckworth Laboratory in Cambridge.

Elifgül Doğan’s personal website: Humans of Anatolia

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