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One of the new Early Bronze Age (EBA) surveys in the inner parts of southwestern Anatolia is Kandilkırı, located in the city center of Denizli and within the spreading area of the ancient city of Laodikeia (Laodicea), excavated by Prof. Umay Oğuzhanoğlu Akay under the direction of Prof. Celal Şimşek since 2003. The 4th layer of the settlement, which seems to have been used since the Early Chalcolithic Age, is known from the cemetery area, which consists of pithoi and simple soil type tombs and dated to the EBA 2. On the other hand, the 2nd and 3rd layers are a residential area comprising of houses dated to the EBA 3. Kandilkırı has established intense relations with both the coastal and inner parts of Western Anatolia.



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Oğuzhanoğlu-Akay, U. 2015, Laodikeia-Kandilkırı Verileri Işığında Güneybatı Anadolu’da Erken Tunç Çağı 2 ve 3. Pamukkale University Institute of Social Sciences, Unpublished PhD Thesis, Denizli, 2015.


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